The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen

I originally tried to read this stunning book back in 2011 when I received it as a present, but struggled from the outset. I have always been fascinated by Quantum Mechanics but found its abstract nature and sheer weirdness overwhelming when compared to classical mechanics. I have recently given the book another go but this […]

GeekDad: Dystopian Paintings of Sweden by Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag is a digital artist working in Sweden who produces strange, atmospheric paintings of his homeland with a dystopian twist. He uses a Wacom tablet to produce the paintings which are photo realistic, but with an almost impressionist edge to the brush strokes. Great stuff. See the Wired article about his work here. He […]

Zero History by William Gibson


Zero History by William Gibson is one of the authors more mainstream novels that began with Pattern Recognition over ten years ago, and deals with the impact of the modern technological age on personal and business relationships, the impact of the “everything now” culture and how it can change people’s behaviours and identities, sometimes for the worst.