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The Wars of (Ir)rationality

After the galaxy condensed from matter of the first great cataclysm, a grand civilisation reached the peak of it’s maturity. Their planet was a place of only light for they inhabited a binary star system where night never fell. They abhorred the darkness and they flourished, building great cities made of diamond. However, they had a peculiar problem, the populous was split into two groups – the Rationals and the Irrationals. Continue reading

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The Jolly Reaper

Welcome to Reaper version 2.045. Please may I ask your name?
It’s Emily. Emily James.
Hello Emily. You appear to be female, is this correct?
It is.. I am.
Great. Do you mind this voice or would you prefer it if I change to the opposite sex?
Female if possible please.
Sure. How’s this?
That’s fine.
There is only one Emily James with your regional dialect, where you born in the year 2014?
I was.
Shall I continue to speak in your regional dialect? I have alternatives.
No, that’s okay.
Do you still reside at the address which you occupied in June 2042?
I do.
Thank you. Let’s begin. Our first session should last ten minutes or so. Are you positioned comfortably?
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The eLibrary of Babel (after Jorge Borges)

The universe (which others call the eLibrary) is composed of a single hexagonal gallery. In the centre of the gallery is a ventilation shaft that extends for an unseen but finite distance and is bounded by a low railing. If one were to lean over the edge, a cool up-draft of air can be felt. Five bookshelves line four of the walls: Twenty shelves in all. The two remaining, opposing sides are doors, fronted by large mirrors that extend to their full height and width. So, standing near the centre of the room there appears to be, extending away on each side, a set of galleries curving away ad infinitum. Continue reading


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Burn All Reading Machines!

The Benefactor has spoken! People of One State rejoice! A new edict! Burn all Reading Machines without delay! Consign them to the flames!

I, C772 have a new purpose and rise with vigour. The light of a new day streams into my cube and we, the citizens of One State take our exercise. More information concerning The Benefactor’s plan! A great burning and breaking of Reading Machines is to take place in the coming days. We are to take up our hammers and render our personal Reading Machines inoperable. Smash them to smithereens! Continue reading

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