Dev Diary #2: Creating a Simple First Person Walk-Around

Unity_shot1Since I’m interested in creating some kind of first person walk-around game I’ve been having  a go at creating a landscape in Unity 3d. I’ve assigned it a texture, added some details (trees to begin with) and a first person object that can move around – also provided is a Mouse-look. You can see the assets used in the image to the right and the parameters that can be used to apply to the First Person Controller in the image below.


There’s no real interaction yet – it’s simply an exercise in producing a simple environment and then exporting it into the Unity Web player so it can be used for testing and released on these Dev Diary pages…

To play the game (PC and Mac only), use the mouse to look around, and the W,A,S,D keys to move – see if you can find the “flaming sphere”. To load the Unity web player click here.

If the web player does not load, or you get error messages – download the plug-in from Unity.

– Your Joyful Benefactor

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