100 Science fiction & Fantasy Books You Must Read

The editors at Amazon have got together and compiled the 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read in a Lifetime.

I’m glad to see my personal favourites are on there:

The Lord of the Rings
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
I am Legend
Ready Player One
H. P. Lovecraft: Tales

– Your Joyful Benefactor

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  1. Alexander Corbluth

    Good Science Fiction captures the imagination of adolescents. I remember offering to teach a course at the High School of Art & Design, where I taught senior English, a great New York City High School, in the 70’s. The course I offered was intriguing entitled ” Satire, the Utopian novel and other worldly visions, “a senior elective to capture their interest and. as a way to get the brightest students interested in high level science fiction and, in turn, lead them into a study of utopian novels and the discovery of great satires. The students grabbed the opportunity and so I had three sections of the senior seminar! What a great move that was. I loved exploring their visions and personal discoveries.

    The course included readings in Gulliver’s Travels, 1984, and Candide.
    The students worked in small groups and were asked to present round table discussions of specific science fiction in light of their new understanding of the classic Swift, Orwell. Incredible experience for all the classes to share their ideas.

    • Phil Corbluth

      I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read Gulliver’s Travels, it’s one of the classics that I’m always just getting around to reading! Thanks for the comments and think I would have loved your class.

      • Alexander Corbluth

        Dear Philip,
        One of the perils and pleasures of being an English and American Literature major at City University was the embarrassing wealth of books we encountered. Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels was a real discovery for me. It is a brilliant fantasy of four worlds mirroring the various aspects of mankind, from the savage yahoos to the Lilliputians, petty politicos who engage in a civil war over which end to break the egg.
        Swift was a great satirist mocking much of what we call civilization. Pick up a paperback copy of it and curl up for a great read!
        So sorry I missed you in our last trip to the U.K.
        But we hope to get back to Liverpool soon to see you all.
        For now I send my love to you, Rie, and, of course, dear Alex,
        Your cousin,

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