Kodak in collaboration with Swiss designer Yves Béhar, are about to re-introduce the Super 8 camera to the world. The Super 8 motion picture film format was released in 1965 by Eastman Kodak and was an instant hit, being portable with easy to load cartridges. Super 8 also increased the width of the film frames over the standard 8mm format by reducing the size of the film perforations and later a magnetic soundtrack was also introduced. Many an aspiring film director cut their teeth on Super 8, including famous names such as Steven Spielberg and J.J.Abrams who apparently both approve of Kodak’s initiative. The new camera will be a kind of film-digital hybrid, as the device will contain a fold-out electronic viewfinder to allow the user to see what is being shot in real time. Once the film is processed a digital copy will also be delivered to users as part of the format’s new eco-system. Kodak hopes to start selling the camera in September of 2016.

– Your Joyful Benefactor

Image: Kodak