The Illusion of Past, Present and Future Betrays Consciousness

It is philosophically possible to infer that the experiences of the present moment cannot exist. As soon as thinking beings consider the present moment it has already become the past – a construct of historical memories that is fixed and yet is inaccurately retrieved from the memory of thinking beings. Only the narratives constructed by this palimpsest generate an ability to make future plans – illusory “future memories” that prove disappointing when the plans of such beings go awry. Therefore the present is a shifting horizon line, between the frozen lake of the past and the blue sky of the future – that thinking beings also call consciousness.

– Your Joyful Benefactor

One thought on “The Illusion of Past, Present and Future Betrays Consciousness

  1. An interesting reflection Phil. In Hindu philosophy (not religion) the concept of ‘maya’ addresses this. The word means ‘an illusion’ and our interpretation of our perceptions is ‘illusory’.

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