Proposition (IV)

All physical processes in the universe are the propagation, exchange or destruction of information only.

Corollary. – Information cannot exist as a substance it is only ‘carried’ by a substrate that is in permanent flux, hence the constantly changing nature of everything around us.

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3 thoughts on “Proposition (IV)

  1. It is true that information cannot exist as substance but this substance (or context) will be derived from information as long as there are conscious agents who can have access to it. This aspect of “contexualisation” of information also provides to the flux and changes the nature of things.

    1. Thanks! I think your right. This is the wonderful paradox about changing the content of something without altering its physical form or rather, everything in the universe is contentless there are just narratives attached by thinking things. Imagine a thought experiment in which all the information produced by human kind is rendered meaningless by our extinction and then a new species evolves who find our stone tablets and using statistical analysis, reconstruct their message!

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