Galactic Ghosts

In the coming decades, our ability to find and catalogue exoplanets within our own galaxy will improve exponentially and although direct observation may well be impossible, we will be able to measure the exact composition of a distant planet’s atmosphere by analysing the light that has reached us. From this, several things follow. The composition […]

There’s no Heaven or Hell – But, Don’t Worry

Imagine standing in the most beautiful garden you’ve ever seen. The sun is shining, the grass is lush. To your left are rolling hills that become the feet of great mountains. To your right just through the foliage the gentle undulating land meets a golden beach and the crashing waves of a mighty ocean. You […]

If This is the Best of all Possible Worlds are we the Best of all Possible Organisms?

When I was a kid I had an astronomy book with some rather vivid illustrations that depicted intelligent life on other worlds. There was a very tall skinny alien who lived on a small planet that had a lower gravity than earth but he had large ears because the thin atmosphere of his home meant […]