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Alan Moore on Science, Imagination, Language and Spirits of Place

In an excellent interview with the Daily Grail, author Alan Moore talks about the spirits of a place, time and simultaneity, and how the ephemeral artifacts of the current times are making it harder for the next generation to be imaginatively creative – something we should all be worried about. Continue reading

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The Wars of (Ir)rationality

After the galaxy condensed from matter of the first great cataclysm, a grand civilisation reached the peak of it’s maturity. Their planet was a place of only light for they inhabited a binary star system where night never fell. They abhorred the darkness and they flourished, building great cities made of diamond. However, they had a peculiar problem, the populous was split into two groups – the Rationals and the Irrationals. Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens: 1949 – 2011

“Beware the irrational, however
seductive. Shun the ‘transcendent’
and all who invite you to subordinate
or annihilate yourself. Distrust
compassion; prefer dignity for
yourself and others. Don’t be afraid
to be thought arrogant or selfish.
Picture all experts as if they were
mammals. Never be a spectator of
unfairness or stupidity. Seek out
argument and disputation for their
own sake; the grave will supply
plenty of time for silence. Suspect
your own motives, and all excuses.
Do not live for others any more than
you would expect others to live for
― Christopher Hitchens

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