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Fermi’s Paradox: Aliens Possibly in Mega-Sleep

Fermi’s Paradox, asks a simple question: If the universe is so large, and contains so many stars, why is it not teeming with life?

The Unseen

The world fled on, its silent ellipse Inscribing great arcs in the empty night. Others pass and take no heed, Theirs a colder and more bitter business.

“No Man’s Sky” Game Begs Interesting Questions About The Universe and The Mind

The computer game on everybody’s lips at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year was Hello Games “No Man’s Sky”. It’s a science fiction game that has a simple aim – to procedurally generate an infinite galaxy and allow the player to… Continue Reading →

Galactic Ghosts

In the coming decades, our ability to find and catalogue exoplanets within our own galaxy will improve exponentially and although direct observation may well be impossible, we will be able to measure the exact composition of a distant planet’s atmosphere… Continue Reading →

The Wars of (Ir)rationality

After the galaxy condensed from matter of the first great cataclysm, a grand civilisation reached the peak of it’s maturity. Their planet was a place of only light for they inhabited a binary star system where night never fell. They… Continue Reading →

Tales from the Library of Babel: Part II

I have not, until now experienced true horror within the Library, the Library of all Libraries. That is unless the general loneliness of my long yet finite journey can be described as mere horror in itself. The books appear to… Continue Reading →

Newtonian Light

O! Heaving eyes from Earth that face the stars And shape dim light to hues of Helium fire. With slow ascent, decline: a pale Mars, Whose barren plains perceive no human spire. Of time long past this glass can but… Continue Reading →

Upon a Star

  Vega listened to Tau Ceti, And Tau Ceti listened to Cygni. Cygni listened to Procyon, And Procyon listened to Sirius. Sirius listened to Barnard, And Barnard listened to Proxima, Proxima listened to the Sun, And the Sun listened to… Continue Reading →

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