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Phil Corbluth’s GitHub Page Online

Phil Corbluth’s new GitHub page is now online and contains repositories of coding projects currently being worked on. Continue reading

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“No Man’s Sky” Game Begs Interesting Questions About The Universe and The Mind

The computer game on everybody’s lips at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year was Hello Games “No Man’s Sky”. It’s a science fiction game that has a simple aim – to procedurally generate an infinite galaxy and allow the player to explore it in real time without boundaries. The player can fly around the galaxy in a space ship, pick a sun, land on any of it’s planets, Continue reading

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Dev Diary #2: Creating a Simple First Person Walk-Around

Unity_shot1Since I’m interested in creating some kind of first person walk-around game I’ve been having  a go at creating a landscape in Unity 3d. I’ve assigned it a texture, added some details (trees to begin with) and a first person object that can move around – also provided is a Mouse-look. You can see the assets used in the image to the right and the parameters that can be used to apply to the First Person Controller in the image below. Continue reading

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Dev Diary #1: Building a Game with Unity 3D. Patience Required!

Courtesy of Unity Technologies

Courtesy of Unity Technologies

Unity is a cross-platform game creation system that I came across recently, that includes a game engine and intuitive Integrated Development Environment.Having had some experience with Blender 3D which isn’t really suitable for creating games for Android or iOS, I thought I might give it a go. Continue reading

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