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Theory of Mind

Alan Moore on Science, Imagination, Language and Spirits of Place

In an excellent interview with the Daily Grail, author Alan Moore talks about the spirits of a place, time and simultaneity, and how the ephemeral artifacts of the current times are making it harder for the next generation to be… Continue Reading →

Proposition (XVII)

Culture is the content of consciousness. As agents, we sort through the vast cultural artifacts that we have inherited and use other agents to rationalise our expanding knowledge. –  Your Joyful Benefactor  

Proposition (XVI)

The study of the mind requires a new logical formalism, as there are no mathematical tools to model the base abstraction layer of interconnecting neurons within the brain.   Corollary. – The wet stuff of the brain is simply organised matter… Continue Reading →

Past, Present and Future – Ghosts All

View image | The concepts of Past, Present and Future are as insubstantial as ghosts. The present is an illusory horizon line between the so-called past and the so-called future. If there is no present, where do the past… Continue Reading →

The Raw Creation of Your Memories is All That You Know

View image | Our memories give us our sense of self, and we can define this as our consciousness. When we first start laying down memories they are content-less, having nothing to latch onto.

Proposition (XII)

The internal dialogue, that runs perpetually inside of our heads from when we first acquire language, tells us all we need to know about our consciousness and free will. Corollary. – The drive to communicate with other agents of our species… Continue Reading →

Proposition (XI)

The concept of a thing and the word for it, are one and the same thing and thus they are interchangeable, for example “Time”. Corollary. – The word “Time” is not a label, neither is there a little box in… Continue Reading →

The Jolly Reaper

Welcome to Reaper version 2.045. Please may I ask your name? It’s Emily. Emily James. Hello Emily. You appear to be female, is this correct? It is.. I am. Great. Do you mind this voice or would you prefer it if I change to… Continue Reading →

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