Tales from the Library of Babel: Part II

I have not, until now experienced true horror within the Library, the Library of all Libraries. That is unless the general loneliness of my long yet finite journey can be described as mere horror in itself. The books appear to be my only friends and the majority of them contain as is well known, a […]

Tales from the Library of Babel: Part I

I cannot adequately describe my loneliness and isolation: For months now I have been wandering the stairways of the Library alone. I remember years ago I could barely pass from one gallery to another, without meeting a colleague who would hail me with such delight and share a titbit of information from one of the […]

If This is the Best of all Possible Worlds are we the Best of all Possible Organisms?

When I was a kid I had an astronomy book with some rather vivid illustrations that depicted intelligent life on other worlds. There was a very tall skinny alien who lived on a small planet that had a lower gravity than earth but he had large ears because the thin atmosphere of his home meant […]