After the galaxy condensed from matter of the first great cataclysm, a grand civilisation reached the peak of it’s maturity. Their planet was a place of only light for they inhabited a binary star system where night never fell. They abhorred the darkness and they flourished, building great cities made of diamond. However, they had a peculiar problem, the populous was split into two groups – the Rationals and the Irrationals. The Rationals argued that the universe was a great ticking clock, and although the ticking of the clock may not be the same for every observer the rules built into the universe were such that they needed no other hypothesis. The Irrationals considered that the teeming energies of so called empty space were proof of a chaos that was beyond any rationality and a ‘hypothesis’, with it’s own attached motivations, ideas and indeed a personality (an irrational thing) governed the existence of all life.

The arguments of the Rationals and the Irrationals turned into wars and very soon battles raged across the surface of their world and spilled onto the other planets of their solar system. They had plundered these planets, when their own resources had been diminished by years of reckless mining. When the two stars of their binary system had rotated about their common centre of mass one thousand times, the war abruptly ceased – a truce had been reached. On nothing but a whim, the Rationals made an irrational decision to halt their violence and the Irrationals made for the first time, the rational choice that their survival might depend on some form of cooperation with the enemy.

But it was too late; the Rationals and the Irrationals realised to their horror, that their civilisation was dying. They had uncovered a great truth; every species of life is doomed to extinction. United in grief they salvaged what they could. They constructed thousands of vast ships made of diamond, each one the size of a city, carrying a single cargo that was the size of the head of a pin. The ships were launched into the void – each one aimed at the young, still molten exoplanets of their fledgling galaxy. It is well known that interstellar space is far from empty. With billions of molecules per square centimetre of vacuum pounding the ships as they drilled through space at unimaginable speeds, their diamond hulls were worn down by the aeons.

The first of the ships reached it’s target barely intact, with enough hull integrity to safely deliver it’s tiny manifest into the now cooling ooze of the exoplanet, the diamond shell being cast off into billions of tiny shards spread over the world’s surface.

Of course the Rationals and Irrationals could not possibly know anything of this success; they could only dream, huddled in the bombed out remains of their diamond cities of their children to be, far away and if they would have the presence of mind to ensure that when their turn for extinction came, they would make the same rational and irrational choice to continue.


– Your Joyful Benefactor