Zero History by William Gibson

Zero History by William Gibson is one of the authors more mainstream novels that began with Pattern Recognition over ten years ago, and deals with the impact of the modern technological age on personal and business relationships, the impact of the “everything now” culture and how it can change people’s behaviours and identities, sometimes for the worst. I find all of his books a challenge, with sentences or paragraphs requiring re-reading, as he likes to pepper his prose with references and allusions that may not be obvious at first glance. One cannot scan read William Gibson, it’s to be savoured…

“Inchmale hailed a cab for her, the kind that had always been black, when she’d first known this city. Pearlescent silver, this one, Glyphed in Prussian blue, advertising something German, banking services or business software; a smoother simulacrum of its black ancestors, its faux-leather upholstery a shade of orthopedic fawn”

– Your Joyful Benefactor

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